Each person must be assessed by their Physician and be placed on the Transition Services List through Alberta Health Services. Transition Services will then ask you to choose 3 possible care facilities. Transition Services is the decision maker in where your loved one will be placed, not the care centre. Factors such as the need to place an individual from hospital to care is one, bed availability at a care centre, and the care and assessment of the individual are other considering factors, to name a few. Transition Services telephone number is: 403-943-1685 Click here for more information: http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/shc/Page14842.aspx

Please call (403) 256-4641 for Father Lacombe Care Centre Please call (587) 393-1350 for Providence Care Centre

There are 114 residents in Father Lacombe Care Centre and an additional 160 residents in Providence Care Centre. There are approximately 85 additional people from the community participating in our Adult Day Program.

Although both homes are owned by the Sisters of Providence therefore hold Catholic values, the care is inclusive and non-denominational. At any given time, about 30-35% of the residents are Catholic. Our core values of excellence, compassion, justice, spirituality and sacredness of life are inherent in our care for everyone. Father Lacombe Care Society is the oldest Catholic continuing care organization in Calgary.

Alberta Health Services funds medical service and some capital costs at accredited care centres. Residents pay “hospitality” or accommodation costs. Most capital costs such as construction, care equipment and operating systems require additional funding through the generosity of donors. Programs that help to keep brains active and bodies moving also seek funding from our generous community; such programs as music, outings, gardening and entertainment.

Registered charitable organizations like Father Lacombe Care Society can seek capital funding through donations rather than additional fees, and can channel extra income directly to resident and client care – there is no shareholder.

Overhead lifts are required to move residents safely between their bed and their wheelchair. Other needs include specialized beds and mattresses, bathtubs and shower chairs and physical therapy equipment.